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"11/10" - IGN

"This is not just a game. This is Life. This is Enlightenment." - GameSpot

"Who Needs a Girlfriend when you can Have This Game" - Rock Paper Shotgun

"This game's creator is literally the sexiest man alive" - GameInformer

*Cue Epic Music*

*Morgan Freeman clears his throat dramatically*

WELCOME TO SBURB. THE MOST COMPLETE RPG ANYONE HAS PROBABLY EVER MADE IN A MONTH. It is based in the world of the webcomic Homestuck (mspaintadventures.com). It is using only OpenGameArt.org assets. Some may shout, "is he mad?" Others whisper, "a fan game using no original art?!". Yet others whisper, "this man is so stupid!" To which I reply, "ALL SIGNS POINT TO YES".  This may just be a tutorial mission, but gog dang - if this isn't the longest and most epic thing you've ever ground through, then you might just wanna waltz over to the optometrist and get your eyes checked.

Did anyone ask for this game? No! Did anyone ask for a bunch of Fruit Gushers and Captcha Cards  uploaded to OpenGameArt.org? No! But I know that's what you all secretly want, you poor little closet Homestuck nerds. You're lucky guys like me are SO GENEROUS.

10/30: Added "Complete the Set" achievement - Collect Wood, Stone, Iron, and Jell-O swords to 100% the game!


Zombies! Giant Boss Battles! Jetpacks! Plutonium Death Blades! Building! Crafting! An Actual Story!


Class System! Troll Romance Simulator! Alchemy! Magyyk Spells! Pogo Hammer! Time Travel! An Even More Confusing Inventory System!


Install instructions

Just download and run the Windows .EXE file


Sburb Alpha 1.1.exe 59 MB

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