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The dwarves are facing a dilemma... They have fallen into the depths of Hell and must choose members of their own group to sacrifice themselves!

Choose your friends wisely as you compete for the other dwarves' votes, start feuds in the clan, and demoralize your enemies in order to be the last dwarf alive!

It's a Dwarven Emotional Management Game like you've never seen before!

Note: The white numbers are your INFLUENCE, not your strength.

Game Jam Themes: Dungeon, Self-Destruct

--->Pro Strats:

Check who is friends with you before you vote them to death - It makes your dwarf super sad.

Only make speeches to yourself, or on rare occasions to a friend who you don't want to be killed.

The power of a dwarf's vote is based on his INFLUENCE. If a dwarf with high influence has a grudge against you, befriend him right away!

Install instructions

Download the .EXE for Windows


One Week In Hell.exe 23 MB