A downloadable game

Kicked from the stage, the rapper known only as Chazzz must prove his worth to the world by assembling a band of rappers and taking a perilous journey to Detroit...

The fate of North Korea and the rest of civilization rests on him!

I present to you "Chazzz and the Rap Band", a little RPG maker game where you play gigs and suffer horrible consequences!!!

Want a broken leg? How 'bout a failed stage dive? Or even dysentery! Just take a stroll on the Oregon Trail  Road to Detroit!

It's all yours for the low price of free!

Jan 9: Version 2... Added backgrounds, a kickin' soundtrack and a better ending!

Made for the KRASS-NG game jam

Theme: "A group of rappers must save the world"

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and run the game


Chazzz_And_The_Rap_Band_v2.zip 148 MB